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The rest of the day progressed slowly as usual. Despite the unusual encounter that morning, Papyrus found himself quickly growing bored. The snow relented its downpour later on in the day, and light was finally able to break through the trees, providing a small amount of warmth. Despite this, the small skeleton’s mood remained frigid.

There was little to spark interest other than the occasional few birds that would flutter through the treetops, filling the air for a brief moment with the soft sound of song before continuing on their way, leaving the woods once more eerily silent.

Eventually, after what felt like years in the mind of the young child, it was late afternoon. The small birds that had provided him with fleeting moments of curiosity had finally settled themselves in the trees above, readying themselves to roost for the evening, and the wind had begun to strengthen, telling of the cold night to come. It was then that Papyrus heard a set of footfalls in the snow.

Unlike that morning, the sound of another monster relieved the skeleton; he knew the only person that would enter the forest in the hours just before dark was his brother. He quickly clambered to his feet, dusting the snow off his legs and clothes before eagerly trotting off through the forest to where he knew Sans would meet him.

Papyrus knew without a shadow of a doubt that it would be Sans – after all – who else would be dumb enough to walk into the forest? It was the middle of winter, and snow storms were common. No one would want to be trapped in the vast maze of trees that comprised the Snowdin forests when a snow storm hit.

After a few moments of weaving about various trees, he finally caught sight of his older brother’s black jacket. Many a time Sans had offered to give up the jacket to keep Papyrus just that little bit warmer, but he had been insistent that Sans keep it, he couldn’t have his older brother getting cold after all.

“Sans!” he called, happily bounding over to the monster in question, practically tackling him in an embrace.

Sans made a soft ‘oomph’ sound and jerked forward slightly due to the rather aggressively loving hug, but quickly regained his composure, grinning down at the younger skeleton. “Heya bro,” he sighed, gently coiling his arms around Papyrus, “What’ve you been up to today?” he asked as they broke the tender grip on each other.

The question made Papyrus all the more excited, “I met another monster in the woods today,” he declared proudly. However, Sans was obviously less excited by this new development, his expression darkening significantly.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you-” Sans’ voice had become slightly panicked as it always did when he was concerned. There had been previous encounters with other monsters who had been less than kind, and Papyrus knew how guilty it made Sans that he always had to leave him alone to fend for himself on most days.

Papyrus cut Sans off before he could begin fretting too much, “I’m fine,” he grumbled, fixating the taller skeleton with an unimpressed glare.

The elder brother grit his sharpened teeth and gave a lengthy sigh, shaking his head, “Papyrus, how many times have I told you not to talk with other monsters when you’re by yourself?” They both knew it had been countless times – it was just difficult for the young monster to stand being on his lonesome for so long – he was bound to start craving interaction sooner or later.

Papyrus grumbled to himself, crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly, he always hated it when Sans scolded him. “I don’t even think it was a monster,” he mumbled.

“What do you mean you don’t think it was a monster?” Sans inquired, obviously needing a little more enlightenment on the matter. There were only two types of creatures in the underground; monsters and animals. The creature Papyrus had seen seemed to fit into neither category – it had the body and features of a large beast, yet the obvious intelligence of a monster. Papyrus was determined to find out what it was.

“It looked like a lizard, a really, really big one- oh and it had these massive wings-” He threw out wide his arms as though trying to replicate the creature’s appearance and size, “And-and it was really warm,” he quickly added, the arms that were once outstretched moving to curl around himself.

Sans frowned in further confusion, “Are you sure you weren’t dreamin’, Pap?” he asked with a soft chuckle, “There aren’t usually any lizards out here- too cold for ‘em for starters.”

“No! I wasn’t dreaming, it was real!” he insisted, “It smelt all smoky and its scales were really hard, it was like armour; Are there any monsters like that?” Papyrus inquired hopefully. He knew that Sans had travelled a lot, everywhere from the city in New Home, to the Core in Hotland, and the dark caverns of Waterfall – if anyone knew what this thing was, surely Sans did.

Sans gave a soft laugh at his enthusiasm, “You sure it wasn’t a dragon?” he smirked, watching as the younger’s expression lit up in awe.

“What’s a dragon?” he asked excitedly bounding up and down.

“Well, I once read a book on them. A dragon is a huge reptile, and there are lots of different types; some have two wings and four legs, some have only two legs, and some have none at all, it really depends on which one you want to know about.” Sans seemed to be rather enjoying himself, watching Papyrus’ awed expression only grow.

Papyrus was quick to respond, “The first one! The dragon had four legs!” he eagerly stated, unable to hold back from giggling excitedly.

“Oh, a European dragon then?” The older monster asked, “Well, they say most of those dragons could breathe fire-” that elicited an impressed gasp from the younger. Sans continued, “Yeah, and they say that they were almost as powerful as humans – their souls are mostly magic, but they have physical bodies – that makes them a lot stronger than monsters.”

If Papyrus had been sat on a seat, he would have fallen off the edge by then. It must have been a dragon, it was without a shadow of a doubt in his mind. A creature that could breathe fire? That sounded like the stuff of myth and legend but would explain why it had simply radiated with heat.

“Yep- eventually, for some unknown reason, the humans just turned on the dragons, like they did with us monsters, and one day there were just no dragons left.”

Papyrus frowned. No dragons left? Surely that was a mistake; he was certain the creature that he had witnessed was a dragon, no other monster could be that large, surely, and the beast had met Sans’ description to the letter. Sure, he had never seen this information first hand, but he had all faith in Sans’ depiction of them. Perhaps some dragons had escaped into the Underground like the monsters had – there were plenty of unexplored cave systems and caverns – who knew what might be lurking in their depths?

“Yes. It must have been a dragon,” he declared, his voice steadfast in its tone of finality.

He saw Sans’ signature grin falter for the briefest or moments, but he managed to promptly recover, all be it with a slight look of apprehension on his face, “I’m pretty sure if there was a dragon here we would have seen it before, or at least someone would have.”

A strong gust of wind howled through the trees, sending a spray of fresh snow in the direction of the skeleton monsters, once more making promise to a harsh and bitter evening ahead. It served well to snap them both from the idle conversation. Sans brushed the rouge ice particles from his coat before offering a bony hand to the younger monster, “C’mon let’s get out of here,” he called, seeming to finally take into account how much darkness has crept in during the few short minutes they had been talking.

Papyrus reached out and eagerly grasped his brother's hand before the two of them began trudging through the deep snow. Being so short made it hard to navigate the snow at the best of times, let along just after fresh snow, so it was always useful to have a good hand to hold and help him through some of the deeper sections. Due to the fact there was so little foot traffic in the centre of the forest it made the snow far less compacted and easier to sink into, in turn making it far more difficult to walk through, especially at a swift pace.

The cavern had grown well and truly dark before they reached what might only just pass for shelter, much less a home. It was a shallow cave that only just managed to protect them from direct wind and the occasional snow. Unpleasant as it was to sleep in a cold cave, it left them unbothered by other monsters that would otherwise do them harm, and they had managed to make it as ‘homely’ as possible given their current situation.

Living on the streets of a city would leave them at the mercy of other monsters – The humidity of Waterfall caused food to expire far faster than anywhere else – and the Hotlands held nothing but bad memories for the older skeleton. The two were barely bothered by the extreme frigid environment of Snowdin, and the forest gave them unlimited places to flee from less than kind monsters; it was by far the best place to be.

The temperature of the forest had dropped dramatically, and Papyrus’ shoes had been soaked through, along with numerous parts of his clothing. In short, the small monster was cold, wet, hungry, and exhausted. The moment the brothers were out of the snow Papyrus trotted over to the makeshift bed the two shared. The mattress was old and there were several springs out of place, but it was far kinder than the rocky floor on their sensitive bones.

Papyrus quickly stripped off his sodden clothing, quickly replacing them with a dry pair. Once done, he perched himself on the end of the bed, pulling a large tattered blanket around himself and happily snuggling into it.

Soon enough, Sans joined Papyrus in sitting on the old mattress. They both sat in silence for a while, each enjoying the other’s company until the sound of a ravenous non-existent stomach made its presence known. Papyrus hadn’t eaten anything substantial since the evening before and was starved.

Seeming to take note of it, Sans reached inside his hoodie, retrieving a small paper bag. He pulled open the crumpled-up bag and produced a practically untouched burger. Papyrus wondered why in the Underground someone would discard a perfectly good burger, sure, he wasn’t exactly fond of the nasty greasy food – presumably sourced from a trash can behind the bar in Snowdin town – yet he couldn’t see anything actually wrong with it. He had learnt that some monsters did, in fact, throw out any food that didn’t quite meet their standards, which was rather odd, to say the least. It was perfectly good food, so why get rid of it?

Papyrus, however, was not complaining. Although his dinner had probably spent a short while in a bin, it was still safely inside a takeaway bag of sorts, and still smelt fresh.

Sans pulled out a smaller paper bag filled with chips and began happily chewing away at them, obviously taking them as his share of the meal. Papyrus was always worried that Sans generally ate less than himself, but knew better to argue – it would do no good against the stubborn skeleton.

They both swiftly polished off their meals. Papyrus still felt a lingering hunger, his stomach was still eager for more, but alas that was all that had been on offer. He crawled across the bed, repositioning himself in the correct position for sleep, curling deeper into his blanket with a semi-content sigh. It wasn’t long before Sans too led down, moving about until he was led on his side, directly facing Papyrus.

They once more remained in silence, Sans seemingly slowly drifting off to sleep. Papyrus moved closer to Sans, wrapping his short arms around the bigger monster and nuzzling into his ribcage. A few moments later he felt Sans wrap his own arms around him, the older skeleton resting his head on top of the younger’s. Papyrus used a hand to awkwardly toss half of the blanket over Sans before once more settling himself into the other’s embrace.

Moments later he could feel himself drifting off, and it wasn’t long before he had fallen into a peaceful rest, having pleasant dreams of winged lizards.
Chapter one of the Friendly Dragons story, I hope you all enjoyed :D

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merlinfrostG Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
Hell yeah it was a dragon!! Sans you must believe! Don't live in denial, embrace the weirdness of the world!
I love how excited Paps is, you've really captured the innocence of childhood in him my dear. I'm loving how you set the scene and how you're slowly incorporating dragons into the Undertale universe.

I'm looking forward to reading on what happens next
DalekFell Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Student Interface Designer
Oh, I'm sure we can find a way of making a believer out of Sans yet.

Lordy yes, it should be illegal for a small skeleton to be so adorable, I was dying writing out that scene, he's too cute for me to handle x'D Mhm I'm loving the challenge of slowly weaving their existence into Undertale. 

Hopefully, I should have it out soon... if I ever get enough sleep to work on it that is. But, the next Daemonfell chapter is next on the schedule, then I'll be working on the next dragons chapter. 
merlinfrostG Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
Just don't push yourself too hard, and do try and get some sleep, it will only help in the end
DalekFell Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Student Interface Designer
Yes mon captain! I'll be hitting the hay once I've polished off a few more comments and written down a few notes
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Thanks :D
Should hopefully get the next chapter out soon
adbikyolf Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! Can't wait! :D
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